Friday, November 1, 2013

First transfer - O Canada

October 28, 2013

Well... I got transferred to a ward named Canadá (I actually have no idea why it is named that... sorry). I am now with Hermana Rubio, from California. I would attach a photo, but I got stuck with a computer without a USB slot :( This area is a lot nicer than Santa Anita, which means life as a missionary is a little harder ha! (and now everyone who has served/is serving somewhere other than South America is saying, "Now you know how we feel") The members are awesome though! I feel so loved already. Now we just need to find investigators.
I'm afraid I have been in a little bit of a slump. Leaving Santa Anita was kinda like when I left home. It's crazy how much you can come to love a place in only a couple months. Luckily I had a couple of experiences yesterday that helped me out.

The first was when the primary sang us a song. I noticed a little girl with a nametag that said "Future Missionary." My first thought was, "She wants to be like me..." and then my second thought was, "...but why?!" I then began to evaluate myself: what had I been doing for the last 4 months to earn the respect and admiration that so many people have for missionaries, and what was it about a mission that would make people want to go on one (missions are stinking hard!!!)? And then I was filled with the happiness that I've been able to have as I have taught people about their Savior, and as they've made decisions to change their lives for the better because of something I have shared as a missionary. THAT'S why I came on a mission (not for the recognition of bringing people to Christ, but for the privilege, mind you), even if I didn't really understand what I was getting myself into, and THAT'S why Ii am still out here, and it is better than I ever could have imagined if I wouldn't have experienced it myself.

I also had that opportunity to be present when a young man in the ward was set apart for his mission in New York yesterday. He actually was already out in his mission for 4 months when he hurt his foot and had to come home for surgery. During the time he was home, his dad was baptized after investigating for years! And, even though it was extremely difficult, he made it back to this point and decided to go back out on his mission, now with both of his parents as members. It was a very exciting experience (a little sad... I don't know if I'd be able to go through all those goodbyes again!) and it made me remember how excited i was to do missionary work when I was at that point.
I feel re-energized; I feel ready to become the type of missionary that little primary girl pictures when she puts on her future missionary button; I feel a stronger resolve to become the missionary that I myself have always wanted to be since I was the age of that little girl; and most importantly, I feel the support of my Savior as I am becoming the person that HE has always pictured me becoming. It's funny; I never realized how much I myself would change on my mission. There is so much room for improvement, and it is amazing how far I have come!

 This email was a little self-centered... oops! but next week, I plan on having a lot of successes to tell you about!

paz y amor
Hna Bennett

A sister missionary in Canada, Peru

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