Monday, November 18, 2013

All is well in Canada (Peru)

This week was so, so good. We had TWO baptisms! Saturday was Antony. He came from Chiclayo (which is a city north of Lima) where he had received the missionaries and wanted to be baptized. He moved here to work in a banana market, and looked for a chapel for a month until he finally found one in another area from ours. The missionaries over there introduced us, and now he is a member of the church! He was even ordained to the priesthood yesterday! He's a funny one ha ha when we asked him to bear his testimony at the baptism, he said, "Remember to be punctual to church tomorrow." Which is actually really good advice here in Perú!
Karla has been investigating for like 3 years. I really just came right when she was already set on getting baptized, but it was still cool to be a part of such a big step in her life. In her confirmation, she was blessed to become a strong wife and mother, and I really feel that she will. I was touched realizing that these converts can truly make positive changes in the world. Seeing all of the inactive members of this area, I sometimes get a little scared of leaving any of the people I teach behind. But, we have to make sure that these people who are getting baptized are truly converted to the gospel, and that they have strong ties to the ward. Which is why I was so very happy yesterday as I realized that before church started, Antony had changed into a brand new set of church clothes that (I later found out) were given to him from ward members.
I wish I had just a half an hour more to write... there's so much I want to tell you! But with the few minutes I have left, I want to testify that this is God's true church; I cannot deny that. The Book of Mormon is the work of God, given to us by a true prophet, Joseph Smith. Today, we have the divine guidance of President Thomas S. Monson as he is directed by our Father in Heaven. Most of all, I know that Jesus Christ lives, and he loves us (which is such an understatement). All of us can feel that love as we pray to Him and learn of Him, and act like Him!
I love you all. Hasta luego!
Hna Bennett


Antony's Baptism

The baptism of Karla - the bishop baptized her. In this picture, they are both anxiously anticipating the freezing cold water of the baptismal font.

This one time my old landlady Betty made me a scarf for my birthday. then i realized that it works much better as a hat/artificial afro.

Hermana Rubio and me... she's funky

I feel that I have had a lot of mercies from god as I've tried to get over my shyness. I know I just need to open my mouth and talk, but sometimes it is just so intimidating and hard! I have definitely gotten better, and sometimes,when I feel like a failure, we find someone that is awesome, and it's like God is saying, "I understand it's hard for you... but next time you gotta just declare your purpose without fear!" and it has gotten easier and easier. 
I am also anticipating the days of the iPad ha ha we have to carry around an area book that weighs about 80 pounds, all handwritten. and the phones we use are about ten years old ha! And no Facebook for us yet. Someday the technology will catch up to us.

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