Monday, November 25, 2013

A Surprise Baptism

It has been a pretty peaceful week here in San Luis.
Well, first off, we have not had a lot of investigators who are progressing here. and by "not a lot" I mean "zero." There are quite a few people who really like our visits because they like to talk about religion, but unfortunately, we just can't spend a lot of our time going to those kind of visits. We have tried contacting old investigators, tracting, asking for references, and teaching part member families, and we do have a lot of appointments lined up for the future that look like they have potential! We also have a lot of really aswesome members who are always giving us families to visit. There is one brother in the ward, Brother Zamudio, who owns a little juice shop and always tells us to come by. He is about as kind and jolly as a little old man could be. Whenever we stop by, he calls to anyone that walks by his shop and says, "These are missionaries. They come from other countries to teach the gospel." as he shakes their hands and won't let go until they stop and take out an appointment with us ha ha. he's the best!

hmmm what else... I recieved a call Saturday night from my old area, Santa Anita. A missionary who is there now asked if I remembered Prisila, an old investigator. I said, "Of Course!" Prisila was a woman we found one day when we went to a home and the family wasn't there. Prisila was just leaving the same apartment building with her friend as we walked out. Her friend, a member, stopped us and told us to visit her. As we started visiting her, it was obvious that she has a lot of faith in Christ. She already knew a lot about the church, and so had a lot of questions. I could tell that she really really wanted to believe the church was true, but she just had a hard time believing that joseph smith was a prophet. She would say things like, "One day, i want to serve a mission like you guys." And when she would come to the chapel, people would always think she was a member. She told us one week she wanted to be baptized, and we got everything all set up, but then a couple days before, she come to us crying and said she just couldn't be baptized because she wasn't sure. she said she needed time to think. it was really really sad for all of us. Well, this saturday, after i answered the missionary on the phone, she said,"okay, one second..." and then Prisila's voice some through! She said, "yep, i just got baptized!" I was so so happy! I still don't really know all the details because i could only talk long enough to say congratulations, but I can only suppose that she had received an answer to her prayers about Joseph Smith, that he was in fact a prophet. I know how amazing that answer is when we finally receive it, because i have experienced that process myself! I now have no doubt whatesoever that he was a prophet, that he restored the church of Christ on the earth, and that the Book of Mormon is proof of his truthfulness as a man called of God. If a person wants to know if this church is true, if Joseph Smith was a prophet, they HAVE to read the Book of Mormon. And if they will do that, and then sincerely ask, through prayer, if what they are reading is true, they'll receive this same answer. I promise.
I love you, and I am so thankful for all of your thoughts and prayers and letters and emails this Thanksgiving week!
Hermana Shae Lee Bennett
PS the other day some members found out my full name, and asked me why it was a chinese name... and then i was like, huh, shae lee really does sound chinese ha ha represent!

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