Monday, September 30, 2013

George gets baptized!

September 30, 2013

well, this week was a good one (i think... i can't really remember anything too bad... except for the song we tried to sing at George's baptism ha ha everyone assumes white people can sing, but i think we're changing that stereotype here in the peru lima east mission)

we had a giant baptism on saturday! four young men became members of the church. Three of them belonged to the other sisters, but one was ours. George! I think i mentioned him last time as the one who didn't show up for his baptism. Turns out, he had a family emergency. But now he's a member of the church! It's crazy how much can change in a week. He was not very happy with us when he showed up and saw all the people who were going to watch his baptism... he almost didn't want to go through with it. but, luckily, he did. and he instantly changed afterwards. he was all smiles as he realized how many friends he had now! everyone in the ward just kind of surrounded and took him in as one of their own ha ha. it was so cool to be a part of. the next day, he was confirmed during sacrament. again, he was really nervous to go up in front of everyone. When i talked to him after, and asked how he felt, he said, "It was really... strange." I laughed and asked why. he said. "I was so nervous to go up there, but then, by the end, all i could feel was peace. I feel great!" Within a couple days, his whole countenance changed. Now, he has the gift of the holy ghost to help him in whatever place, at whatever time he needs it. it's such a privilege to be a part of this process.

what else has happened? hmmm. well, the brother of one of our investigators tried to teach me how to dance a salsa the other day. i'm not sure why, but obviously, it was pretty funny to them... then they asked me how we dance in the US. all i could think of was the fist pump... that was pretty funny for ALL of us. sorry, United States, i let ya down :(

until next time (con mucho amor)
hna bennett

Baptism of George!

there were three other young men getting baptized as well.
George is that cool guy in the back with a yellow towel. he looked way happier after the baptism...

here is the birthday present i got. it's a nativity inside of a llama - holla.

Hna Aguayo and I finally got to go to the temple :)

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