Monday, October 7, 2013

Felix's Baptism and the Best 21st Birthday

October 7 2013

I have to say that this week was full of some of the highest highs and lowest lows to date for this Hermana, but I really can only remember the good times! I felt like the most loved person in the world on my birthday. My companion arranged like 17 surprises for me ha! She has a heart as big as Peru. To top it all off, we got to see the baptism of Brother Felix on Sunday! When I first met him, I thought he said his name was "Feliz," (Spanish for 'happy') and I was like, "Oh makes sense, because he literally NEVER stops smiling." And then I found out his name was Felix, which is a nice name also. I like these pictures the best because they captured his true smile ha ha. After he was baptized he bore one of the best testimonies I have ever heard (granted, I have the Spanish vocabulary of a 7 year old. But the spirit translated for me, so we're good). He talked about how he felt the spirit during his prayers, and how he had never been interested in religion before. Because of the spirit he felt, he now knows that this is the true church. Because of conference, he wasn't confirmed after his baptism, so now we have to wait till Sunday for him to be confirmed with gift of the Holy Ghost. So, he's not OFFICIALLY a member, but give us a week, and it'll happen.

I hope all is well back in the US of A, and I hope everyone had/has the chance to listen to or read the talks from general conference. I saw the majority in Spanish. From what I understood, the brethren and sisters were just as awesome as ever! I really liked M. Russell Ballard's, but I might just be a biased misionera :)

I really feel so happy to have prophets and apostles to lead us today, just as in ancient times and the ministry of Jesus Christ. When Elder Cook visited us a couple weeks ago, he said during his testimony that he KNOWS the voice of the Savior. We are so connected to our Heavenly Father when we listen to those who have the power to talk to Him, namely apostles and prophets. We also have the opportunity to receive revelation for ourselves through our own conversations with God: our prayers. I know that I, and many others, have received answers from the Lord. That's how I know this church is true, and that there is a reason I need to be serving a mission in Lima, Peru right now. If I hadn't received this witness, I would have returned home months ago...

Love you all!
hna bennett


The baptism of Felix! It was such a happy [feliz] day :)

My dear companions who decorated my room while I was out

Cake number 1 of the day, with two other birthday elders

We didn't have a knife, so they cut the cake with some cardboard.

My pensionista,
who used to own a restaurant - so my food right now is really as good as it gets!
(which is pretty good, if I haven't made that clear)

My awesome birthday meal, tallarines verdes

One of our investigators, Esmeralda, and her mom at their store

Some members from the ward who bought a pizza for my bday
(Nikc, yes spelled ¨Nikc¨, Yusei, and Heydi)

Birthday Pizza!

Birthday Cake number 2! From the wonderful Grados Family.
I almost cried from my happiness. the people here are taking such good care of me.

They like to smash your face into your birthday cake here. I got off lucky

The Grados Family


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