Monday, September 9, 2013

Jaime gets baptized! (and visitors from home, sort of)

September 9, 2013

[Note: Stefani that Shae mentions below is Stefani Lively from our ward in Hooper. She is from Peru and went to visit her family this week - and was SOOOO gracious to take Shae a package for her birthday. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH STEFANI and BRIAN- you have no idea how much this means to Shae and us and we know it was not easy for you - and for Brian (her husband). This was an incredible act of kindness we will never forget - kenny]

This last saturday was the baptism of jaime! i tried to send a pic, but then my whole memory card got wiped somehow, so i'm kinda trying not to cry right now. i'll figure it out... anyways, back to jaime! he showed up, all dressed up in his suit and tie. he even sang a song! I'm glad he did, at a lot of the other baptisms i've been to, Hna Johnson and i have had to sing by ourselves ha ha so that's always interesting. then the next day at church, Jaime showed up with his tithing, already to go. there are so many amazing people here, i just feel so lucky to be able to serve them.

The spanish is coming along. I can understand ideas of conversations most of the time, but every once in a while I miss something and it kinda makes a huge difference in the conversation. I can usually express what i want to say, which is nice! i've definitely come a long way. it's hard to believe that someday, i'll actually be able to hold conversations with people, but i have faith it will happen, i have a year and a half to figure it out ha.

i think the thought that has caught my attention most this week is my growing testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. i though i had a pretty good understanding of it before i came, but i've quickly realized that this is one thing that i will never understand perfectly in this life. While i was teaching an investigator about the atonement, the thought came to me, ¨Why is it that the Atonement had to happen?¨ then a scripture in John chapter 15 or 16 i think, came to my head. it says something like - greater love hath no man than that who layeth down his life for his friend. Jesus Christ laid down his life for ALL. Furthermore, he took on the pains and sins and sufferings of ALL. There is nothing that anyone has ever done in the entire history of this world that has demonstrated as much love as Christ did during the Atonement. and He did it for ME. and for YOU. and i think when we have moments where we actually realize that we are THAT important to the Savior of the World, we can't help but be overcome with how powerful that is.

I hope these emails make sense ha sometimes my thoughts are in spanglish. i love you all, and hope you are well!

hna bennett


to my beloved familia!

WOW. you guys are the BEST. I happened to have to go to the mission home on tuesday, and was pleasantly surprised when one of the office elders dragged out a 50 pound bag full of stuff for me! do you have a way i can email Stephanie_ (no question mark on this keyboard, sorry...) she must have a had a hard time lugging that bag all the way from utah. i just feel so loved and happy whenever i think about how much work you all did for me! please don't try to send a bday package, this one is plenty, and i don't want you to send something that will probably get stolen. THANK YOU! I wish i could have met up with stephanie, but we really aren't supposed to work with people outside of our area. do you know where she is staying - which district_ maybe i can get in touch with the missionaries for her area. lima is a big city! probably has as many people in it as the whole state of utah. i hope she didn't have to come too far to bring it to me, public transportation is kinda horrible. but thank you all so much! when you see her, tell her gracias! and ask for her email address.

ha ha i'm so happy you sent pics, i was kinda bummed that i didn't bring a ton. don't worry about making me homesick, when i hear about all the fun you're having and the good reminders of home, it just makes me happy! I miss a lot of foods! cereal, milk, spaghetti... grandma's funeral potatoes! i think the reason i don't get homesick is because time is flying by so fast here! actually, my companions are always like, ¨hna bennett, why haven't you broken down yet_ everyone has a mental breakdown in the first transfer_¨ i think its a blessing that i've always wanted to serve a mission, because its making all the ups and downs much more bearable. i know why i'm here, and i'm ready to work!

love you all! work hard!

sister b


Jaime's baptism! he's the first person I've baptized that I taught from start to finish. Also, he sang a song at his baptism, so that was really really awesome.

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