Tuesday, September 17, 2013

No Transfer-- happy to get some more time in Santa Anita

September 16, 2013

i did not get transferred, but Hna Johnson did :( i would be really sad if we weren't going to see each other after the mission, but luckily, we go to the same school! i am now with hna aguayo, a chilena. she is so stinking hilarious. and very patient with my lack of spanish skills.

i've come to love joseph smith a lot so far on the mission. and also, to appreciate more and more every day the restoration of the gospel of jesus christ. i love teaching it, and luckily, the people here are very receptive to it.

 yesterday, we were talking with a girl who was ready to get baptized this week, but then her brother said she couldn't until she turns 18. in this same day, the owner of the place she works at said we can't visit her there any more. and then, right when i was trying to help her get through everything and i was finishing a pretty heartfelt testimony, the radio turned on all on its own to some stupid rap song! ha. the adversary is so real, and is working so hard to stop everything good. it's the worst.

i probably will never downoad anything from your emails, sorry. i just am too worried about getting viruses, especially with the experiences i've heard about/had already with computers here. thanks for keeping me updated though! i do like to look at pics you send. i guess what happened with my memory card is i got a virus when i plugged it into the computer, so one of the elders is giving it to his pensionista to figure out, it sounds like they can figure it out, which is good! my new companion has 14 months in the mission, and lost her memory card with ALL of her pics from the whole mission in the move to this area. technology is so hard :( luckily, with facebook, i'll basically have access to all the pictures of all of my companions and converts when i get home. so that's one good aspect of social networking!

well, i'm going to write a big email now for everyone. i'll get pics to you when i can figure out how to to do it safely.

love you! and mom and dad: send me your conversion stories. as detailed as you care to make them!

love you all!

hna shae


Hola from Peru!

This week has been crazy (i think that is probably the most-used line in all of missionary work). We had cambios (not sure what that is called in english), which means we get calls tuesday night telling us if we need to move out to a new area the next morning at 6:30 in the morning ha it's pretty stressful. I am still in Santa Anita, but Hna Johnson was transferred to Surco. I am now with Hna Aguayo from Chile! She's awesome. She has more than a year in the mission, and I have already learned so much from her. The first thing she said to me was, "We are going to laugh. A LOT." And we have! ha ha. She always asks me to teach her how to dance to country music... just because i'm from the US...

Anyways... We have a baptism planned for this Saturday, for a guy named George. He's been coming to church for a few months, all on his own really. He's 20. When we started talking to him, he said, ¨When is the soonest i can get baptized?" it was pretty cool. So now, we're teaching all the necessary stuff!

We're also working towards the baptism of Esmeralda. She is so cool. I can picture her being like, general young women's president someday. Which is probably why she's facing so much opposition right now. First, the landlady of the store she works at told her that we can't meet her at her store any more because it looks bad to costumers (she honestly goes from school to work to bed, so we only can visit her at this store). then, in the same day, her brother told her she can't be baptized until she's 18. also, he refuses to talk to us. it's dang frustrating. but things this important always have opposition. i think that once we get through this, we'll all learn how strong we can be with the help of our heavenly father in our trials.

we have also had a lot of fun this week too. hna aguayo and I were organizing these boxes that have all the materials for our area when we found a cd marked "videos mormones." We were so excited to have some nice mormon messages for entertainment! so we stuck it in the dvd player, and waited anxiously to hear the voice of one of the apostles or something. But, to our dismay, the cd just started playing some spanish pop/rap song. we looked at the cd and found about 100 more songs like this one! ha ha ha! apparently some elder from a past transfer had been smuggling some unauthorized music into the apartment... so naturally, we decided to leave the cd on the desk of our sister leaders, with a note that said, "hermanas, we found this while organizing. we really think that video number three will have a great spiritual impact in your calling as sister leaders."

they never said anything about it to us...

well, things here are good! the weather's getting hot, but i will survive (probably). I just know that this church is true, more and more every day. It makes me happy more than i can express to know that I have a heavenly Father who wants to talk to me, and that i have a Savior who loves me enough that he suffered for every single one of heartaches and pains, so that he can help me when i experience them.

Send me emails; I have more time for internet now! Tell EVERYONE you know to write me. Not really.

les amo MUCHOOOO!

Hna Bennett


Goodbye Hna Johnson (last night together with Betty) 

Second Companion - Hermana aguayo from Chile!

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