Monday, September 23, 2013

Work Continues in Santa Anita

September 23, 2013
Well, the work continues here in Santa Anita! This week, we've found some new investigators :) but we've also had to drop some investigators :( that's always the worst. but some people just aren't ready.

On sunday, we are supposed to have a baptism for an investigator named George (not of the jungle, if you were wondering). Unfortunately, he didn't show up, and we haven't been able to get ahold of him.

It's interesting that in some parts of the world, it's a struggle to have baptisms, while here, sometimes we have people who want to get baptized just to get baptized! one of the struggles for us is making sure people are truly converted to this gospel before getting them to their baptism.

hmmm, que mas... well, i have to say that my spanish is improving quite a lot now that i have a latina companion. sometimes, i kind of just want to turn my mind off from all the translating i have to do all day, but it's getting easier. i'm trying hard to work on my accent now. some missionaries here are actually really good at the grammar and words, but the people can't understand what they're saying because of their accents ha ha!

The most spiritual part of this whole experience so far is that sometimes i testify of something, and while i'm speaking the words, the spirit testifies to me that they are true. This week on multiple occasions i was teaching about the Atonement of Christ when i realized how REAL the power of His sacrifice is, how perfectly he knows me, and how much he wants to help me whenever i have a problem. I was using my pocket knife the other day, and i sliced my finger open (que tonta). I was sitting in a car a couple days later, and i looked down at the cut when the thought came to me, "Jesus Christ knows the pain you felt when that happened." I thought, "But it wasn't even a big deal!" And then i felt the spirit SO strongly testify that it WAS a big deal for him, that he CHOSE to suffer for everyone of my pains, and of everyone's pains, so that he could perfectly understand us. this story maybe sounds a little silly or weird in email ha ha but i hope that if you are reading this, you can feel that your Savior, Jesus Christ, truly knows and loves you. This knowledge is what gets me through the hard times. Fasting really does work, i've already learned that.

Take care, and know that someone in Peru loves ya!

Hna Bennett


i got grandma's letter, not brody's.
i have been sick, but nothing serious. just adjusting!
i've had some dogs get pretty close, but nothing has happened yet! one lady said it might be our skirts that freak them out?? there's not much i can do about that ha ha
well, keep sending me news about home!

love you all!
hna bennett

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