Sunday, July 28, 2013

Last week in the MTC before going out into the big new world...

[July 18, 2013]
internet is hard... hopefully i can get you a good email today.
the time has come; We are busting out of this place! but really, on tuesday i'll be heading to my actual mission.I do love the CCM, but i'm ready to get out there. This is what i've been waiting my whole life to do! Sometimes i feel preety scared ha but then i just remember how exciting it is to be a part of this work! it's pretty crazy that one month is already GONE. this mission is going to fly by. 
Well, i hope everything's going well at home! tell me all your stories! things here are pretty much the same (which is probably why i'm getting antsy to get out in the field). I have learned so much here, and i know i'm going to learn like 10 times as fast out on the mission. My spanish is... well let's just say, i hope my first companion is nice because i'm going to be lost for the first couple months ha. there are missionaries here from all over. I can understand some country's speaking better than other. if only everyone would just speak as slowly and clearly and grammatically correct as my teachers...
I really am going to miss my district. the peru ccm is really a unique experience. only 170 missionaries can fit here at once, so you get pretty close to people. and they give you a lot of freedom to do what you want. i'm not sure how it works in provo,but i've heard it's a little more scheduled... i'm just so grateful for the people i've been able to meet here. and luckily, 97 percent of them go to BYU so i'll be able to see some of them if i ever take a trip down to provo!
I think the most important thing i've learned here is that I don't have to be perfect to be missionary. I'm going to make mistakes, and i'm not going to remember the perfect scripture every time, and i'm not going to have all the answers, and i am FOR SURE not going to have the language down for a while, but that is ok! it's all part of the plan. i'm here at the time i am for a reason. every person i run into at a certain time is also part of the plan. it's weird and kinda uncomprehensible, but i truly feel that this is true. also, i have this testimony that just keeps growing. it's crazy how many answers i get a day, and how many confirmations that this is true i've had here. there's really nothing else like being a missionary in the world.
so, down to business... I believe the address on the blog for letters to be sent to is the mission home address. if you've sent anything there, i should be getting it once i report there on tuesday. emails are always welcome :) i will also use a pouch system to send letters once i figure out how...
well, sorry this email is on the lame side. hopefully i'll be able to do better once i get out in the mission field. les amo MUCHO!!
love hermana bennett (i think i once wrote 'herman bennett' on accident. oops...)

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