Thursday, June 20, 2013

Shae's First Message from Peru


Well, after almost exactly 12 hours of anxious anticipation since her plane landed (we tracked it on the internet and all cheered when it landed, assuming she was on it), we got Shae's first message from Peru. She is apparantly safe and very happy, as we should have known - hopefully we will get more confident at leaving things in the hands of the Lord as time goes on :).

From: Shae Bennett <>
To: kenny and jennifer bennett <>;
Sent: Thursday, June 20, 2013 10:54 AM

Guess who is in Peru... this sister (I'm pointing at myself right now). Disclaimer: the keyboards here are a little different than what I'm used to and there{s a timer flashing in my face of how long i get on the computer making me go fast, so hopefully this isn't too hard to understand...
I made it! It was the longest day of my life, but I´m so happy to be here. Remember how I was scared I{d be the only missionary going? well, the first plane i was in about 80% of the passengers were missionaries headed to peru. Then there were about 66 of us on the next plane, so it was not stressful at all! i think everyone else was wondering what was going on... we got to the mtc at about 3 in the morning and now we]re just getting all our legal stuff taken care of.
Yesterday, i had a lot of time to think (about 11 hours of just sitting on a plane, trying not to watch movies on my neighbors tv screen...) and i realized that this is really happening! it{s still kinda surreal, but I{m on a mission right now. I just put on my  nametag, and it fits great! But i am not going to lie, a lot of my thinking yesterday was like, "Shae, are you crazy, what are you doing?" I started getting a little freaked out. But then, I opened up my mini Book of Mormon. Before I even started reading it, I felt completely at peace. That is no ordinary book, and I am here to share it with whoever wants to find out what it can do for them in their lives. The Book of Mormon is a testament to me of God's love (for me and everyone else).
On another note, we had a weird welcome to peru. At the baggage claim, we were just sitting there waiting for everyone to get their stuff when we just heard this horrible noise coming out from one of the doors. It was like thousands of children just screaming! We all looked at each other and just looked around, and nobody else was doing anything so we just kind of tried to ignore it (maybe that was bad of us...). One of the sisters suggested it might be monkeys, so i was terrified. Come to find out, there was a Korean popstar in the airport and all of his fans had caught a glimpse of him ha ha ha ha! What a life.
well, thank you guys for everything, especially your uncomparable love. I can{t imagine what i would do if i didn{t have you guys. mom or dad: can you send this email out to family? and maybe just stick it on the ol' blog. Sorry i can{t send more, but if you are reading this email right now, just know that I love you!
--Hermana Bennett

I}ve still got 3 min till it times out.
Everything is so different here! all of the buildings are pretty run down at least in the middle of the city. the sky is straight up gray. I love it though. The people are so nice! the naitve missionaries just smile and say bueno to everyone ha ha. I{m in an awesome place.

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