Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Finally official - Sister Bennett! Set Apart June 18, 2013

Shae will likely have something to say about what transpired tonight in the High Council Room with Presidents Malone, Wilson & Christensen. Until then, I will say that it was a very nice experience with excellent council provided, culminating in a great blessing by President Malone. It was a perfect start to Shae's mission.

Now I'm off to nag her some more and make her frantic as she packs. I can't see a single inch on the living room floor. It will be a miracle - like unto feeding 5,000 - if she can get all of that stuff in her bags. Fortunately, it is only 11:40 PM - and she does not have to get in the car to head for the airport until 3:45 AM. Assuming that sleep is not going to happen tonight (today?), there are well over 3 more hours to get packed ;).

Think she can make it? Tune in tomorrow and see - hopefully the next words you read will be her own, coming to us from Peru!


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